Medieval Castles, Ancient Cities, Creepy Monasteries with cemeteries

World Class Cuisine (One of our dinners will be inside a castle)

A visit to the FAMOUS BRAN CASTLE, the source of inspiration for Bram Stoker’s DRACULA. VLAD THE IMPALER resided here in the 1400’s and his castle is STILL haunted by his spirit.

A visit to an underground salt mine, discovered over 1000 years ago – Now turned into a fun (but) creepy amusement park.

Visit the medieval town of Sighisoara and enter Dracula’s childhood home, where he was born and raised. Above the town, sits an ancient+haunted Saxon cemetry from the 1500’s.

Visit to Poenari Castle, the REAL DRACULA Castle, that he not only built, but resided in during his reign.

Visit Cartisoara Abbey, a Trappist abbey built by French monks 900 years ago.

You will enter the infamous and creepy Hoia Baciu Forest where numerous witnesses have reported seeing UFO’s, aliens, ghosts, vampires, and where the trees grow in strange S shaped patterns.

Our tour groups are limited to 16 guests, with a focus on making everyone feel special.

Haunted History Tours will take you to many hidden gems that most tours miss entirely.

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